Tuesday, April 8, 2014

How To Choose A Graphic Designer Without Loosing Your Mind

If you have not already experienced it yourself, then you probably have heard of horror stories about trying to find or work with a graphic designer. It can be difficult , time consuming and frustrating to say the least , but in all honesty , it is not different than any other profession. Think about how some people must feel when they have to work with some of your competitors .
You want to evaluate some basic things first - things that are essential in any industry . Is your potential designer on time to meet with you ? Do they treat your staff with respect or do they treat them like they do not count? Have they done their homework before coming ? Once you 've nailed the basics, your list of potential designers will probably be much smaller. Now you can start looking at some things that are more specific to our industry.
Presentation - All the way a designer dresses to how they package their work sample tell you something about them. Take a look at their clothing but avoid basing your opinion on your personal fashion preferences . Instead , look at the details that will tell you how much effort they put into their own appearance. Clean shoes are a good indication of someone who pays attention to details. Short nails are another . You will also need to pay attention to whether the work presented in their portfolio is right. Although these may seem like small details they mean a lot in determining the attention to detail that your designer will have in your project.
Preparation - what your designer run to the door of your office running his wind blown papers across the parking lot or he wake trust your door , materials in hand? He showed with a pen and notepad ? This is important if you want to spend a lot of time later, reminding them of many things that you have said. A designer that is not prepared for the initial meeting will not do business on a daily basis otherwise.
Viewpoint - Everyone has a different view of the world and it is a fact that those who have a similar point of view will work better together. With this in mind , it is important to find a designer who shares your beliefs. Advertising for your multi-million dollar SUV dealership will never achieve spectacular results as you use a designer who believes that all companies are big things badly bent to destroy the company for a dollar. If your designer does not understand where you 're coming from , they will never be able to tell your prospects.
Portfolio - This is really a classic case of " size does not matter - it's how you use it " When considering designers you may lose if you return a designer because a small portfolio. creator that came with a 3-piece suit with a portfolio of three inches thick is not necessarily that of the task. Maybe the girl who has no diploma college studies and a portfolio of nine pages of work she has done at home is a better solution for you. the most important thing is really quality . designer who brings everything may not be able to decide what must be present and not present which could mean they have the same problem in delivering a clear message to your audience.

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