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Step By Step How To Get a Free Payoneer MasterCard And Verified Your Paypal With It!

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Before a couple weeks i had wrote a post about how to create an Paypal account with easy steps,And today i'm gonna explain you how you can verified your Paypal account and star sending and receiving your money online and from any ATM accept Master Card in your country!

To verified your Paypal account you need a MasterCard!.and with the the free Payoneer Prepaid  MasterCard you can verified your account Paypal for free!

I personally use the Payoneer MasterCard to withdrawal my money from ATM and buy with it online and from stores that accept MasterCards,So let me itruduce you the benefits of the Payoneer MC: 

                                                The benefits of Payonner:

  • Accepted in 210 countries, worldwide
  • No bank account required
  • Use it in stores, online, or at the ATM
  • Strict security rules and regulations imposed by Payoneer and MasterCard® mean money stays safe and secure
  • Account held in US Dollars
  • Payments can be delivered within 2 hours
  • No administrative hassles
And much more benefits i give you the important of them.

                                                         Other futures 

                                             - You must have plus 18 years old to join 
                             - Verify PayPal, Moneybookers and Payza with Payoneer Card
- There is no fee to change the number of ATMs

 - the possibility of shopping locally without any restrictions and without any benefits as Free-Purchases

- activation Paypal all easy Online, or any other electronic bank

- purchase easily from the Internet - impossible to be rejected from any location is a subsidiary of MasterCard Worldwide

 -cap card $ 5,000 a day - means buy daily $ 2,500 - withdrawn from the ATM per day $ 2,500
 -Follow-up all remittances Online and without any delay
 - withdrawal fees from ATM is $ 3.15
 - balance inquiry fee $ 1 in ATM
- cheap annually fees $29.95  

Follow the steps below to Sing up successfully:

First step:

                                           Click on the link below to join

                                                    Register now 



After you click on the link above you will be redirected to this page in the picture below 

Free Payoneer Master Card

Click on sign up to continue your registration :

P.S: If you don't use the link above you will not get the $25,Once you charge your account with $100 as i do watch the picture below:

Free Payoneer Master Card

Second Step:

Fill out the forms given :

Free Payoneer Master Card

This one 

Free Payoneer Master Card

And this: 

Free Payoneer Master Card

Also this: 

Free Payoneer Master Card

Now you will receive an email in your inbox,they will ask you to upload scan of your National ID or Passport,License,To prove the information that you register with.

Free Payoneer Master Card

Upload your documents here:

Free Payoneer Master Card

Now you have to wait between 1-7 days (depends on the quality of your documents) some times you have to wait more like me i wait 15 days until i receive the acceptation message,Once you accepted you will receive a message like this one content the approximation date where you will receive your Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard.

Free Payoneer Master Card
This image is not mine i lost my own image :(

P.S:I receive my MasterCard after 17 Days from the acceptation.

Free Payoneer Master Card

Now with the must important step:

How to verified your Paypal account using your Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard.

Just follow the steps is very easy thing to do it:

First step: Login to your Payoneer account.

P.S: I already activated my Paypal account i just show you how to do that :).

Free Payoneer Master Card

After you click on US Payment Service


Free Payoneer Master Card

Get the numbers specific in the picture below,and the name of the bank:

Free Payoneer Master Card

Second step: Login to your Paypal account:

Click here to login:

And click on add your bank 

Free Payoneer Master Card

Now fill out the boxes with Country,Bank name,and the numbers that you get them from your payoneer account:

Free Payoneer Master Card

Paypal will deposit 2 small amounts (less than $1.00 USD each) - they will show up on your bank statement 2-3 business days later,

Free Payoneer Master Card

After you receive the two amounts enter them in the two boxes like in the pictures below:

Free Payoneer Master Card

Congratulations you Paypal account has been verified,BUT you can just send money with it??

Free Payoneer Master Card

How to receive your payment?

Follow the two steps below to star receiving your payments:

First step: Login to your Paypal account and click on add a credit card like in the picture below:

Free Payoneer Master Card

Second step: Fill out the form given and click on ADD CART:

Free Payoneer Master Card

Now CONGRATULATIONS you can receive and send money with your Paypal account :).

Unfortunaltly Payoneer has recently stopped their services In India..That’s why its not in the list. Anyway, Paypal is available in India, you can use it and verify it easily for online Payments

Check out this post in neobux is about how to verified your paypal account:

All About Indian PayPal & Entropay Accounts

I spend more than 6 hours to write this post,And all what i ask you for is to like my Facebook page,And share this post with your friends MAYBE you don't interested about this post ,but i'm sure there is someone DO :)


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