Monday, June 3, 2013

How to create an PayPal account with easy steps!!!

One of my Facebook friends ask me:

If i make money online,how i can get this money in my hands?

That is a good questions and i want to share the answer with all of you.

Before it was very difficult to get your money from the internet,but now with the electronics banks become very easy.

Today i'm gonna explain you how to create an account,and how to verified in the the famous and trust,safe electronic bank,Paypal bank.

PayPal,is the faster,and the safer way to keep your money on it,and to make online payments ,receive and sent money online.

How i can create an account?.

Its very simple to create an account with PayPal bank,just watch this tutorial video i make.

P.S: The information in this video is not true,i just show you how to create an account,I already have my verified Paypal account.but you have to give them your true information you will need it when you will verified your account.

The tutorial video.

Congratulations!Now you have an account in the PayPal electronic bank,but is an unverified account?
unverified account means you can't receive or send money online.

Don't worry in the next video,i will show you how to verified your account by email,that will make you able to just receive and send money through the companies whose accept unverified PayPal as a payment method,also  to be able to see your money in your account,because if you already have some bucks in your account you will never see it if you haven't verified your account by email.And also PayPal need to know if you are the owner of the email you have register with :).

P.S: there is a way that makes you create an Verified PayPal account,you can send and receive money with,but receive it not in your hands just online,as i said before we are here to create an PayPal account you will used to receive your money in your hands.

How to verified your account PayPal with email.

How to verified your PayPal account by a free master card,and your account will be unlimited.



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